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Welcome to Daydream Studios, where musical dreams transform into reality. Our studio is the brainchild of two seasoned engineers, Brad Matala and Dylan Nau, who have joined forces to create a harmonious space for recording, producing, and capturing the essence of music.

Nestled within a state-of-the-art building, Daydream Studios boasts a vast recording area alongside intimate spaces designed to inspire creativity. Equipped with top-of-the-line outboard gear, an impressive array of microphones, mixers, recorders, and a grand piano, our studio provides everything needed to bring your musical vision to life.

Moreover, our services extend beyond audio production, as we offer videography and photography, ensuring that every moment in the studio is captured with artistic finesse. With Dylan's expertise in audio and Brad's keen eye behind the lens, Daydream Studios is a multifaceted production powerhouse ready to take on any creative challenge.

 Dylan Nau's multifaceted role in the Minneapolis music scene and Brad's long-standing presence as a recording engineer in the Twin Cities  have culminated in over 50 years of combined experience in recording, mixing, and producing. Notably, Dylan's exceptional work on Peter Rowan's Grammy-nominated album “From My Mountain" in 2023 stands as a testament to his outstanding talent and dedication to sonic excellence.

The recent expansion of our studio with a new large room addition marks the fulfillment of Brad's longstanding dream to create a beautiful, state-of-the-art production facility. Now, Daydream Studios stands as a testament to the transformation of dreams into reality, and we are eager to extend this transformative journey to you.

Whether you seek a consultation, recording, mixing, photography, videography, or rehearsal session, our Book Now page awaits your aspirations, ready to turn your daydreams into a resounding reality. Join us at Daydream Studios, where passion meets precision and creativity knows no bounds.

Graphic of recording studio
  • Mac Pro, Antelpe convertors/clock, LYNX convertors, Pro Tools, Logic, UAD Quad processing

  • Pre Amps from Audient, Antelope, Neve (shelford Channels), API, Great River, UA. 7th Circle, and more.

graphic for audio
  • Audient 8024HE 36ch inline console

graphic of microphones
  • Wunder CM7S (2), Neuman U87's(2), 421's(3), Coles 4038 (2), AEA R84, Custom mics, Beyerdynamic (full line), Neuman KM184's,  B.L.U.E. Blueberry, AKG 414(5), AKG 451, Shure SM57(5), Beta 57, AKG D112, Octava MC-012(2), Yamaha Subkick, E/V and many more.

graphic for producing
  • Antelope Goliath (32ins, 24 outs), Eventide, API Pre's, Millenia,  Universal Audio LA-610, SSL EQ(4), SSL Comps(4), UAD quad card. Empirical Labs Distressor (2), UBK Fatso, Fairchild 670 (clone), 1176 (2), LA2A (2), Neve Shelford Channel(2), Elysia Stereo Compressor, Elysia stereo EQ and too much more to list.

  • SE Sonic Monroe 150, KRK Rokit 10's, Avantone mix cube, Focal monitors, multiple monitoring environments for real life listening.

Recording mixer
  • Fender Rhodes Suitcase 88, Hammond C3 with Leslie, Wurlitzer 200a, Hailun Grand Piano, Yamaha CP20

  • Carr Rambler, Fender Twin (69), Fender Pro Reverb, Magnatone (67), AMPEG B15, Fender Blues Deluxe, Deville. A few other old time tube amps.

  • Korg Trident, Korg MS-20, Roland Juno 106, Moog Voyager,  Sequential Prophet 6, Alesis Andromeda, Elektron Analog 4, NORD Electro 5, Yamaha S90(motif), Yamaha DX7, XoXboX 

  • Elektron Machinedrum, Roland TR-8(S), Elektron Octatrack, Alesis HR-16, Alesis MMT-8

  • Paul Reed Smith custom24, Gibson 175, Fender Strat, Heritage 535, Classical gtr(2), Martin D28, Larrivee Acoustic gtr, Banjo, Carter Pedal Steel gtr, Lap Steel, Fender Jazz bass, Fender Mustang bass, 

  • Banshee Talkbox, custom Tubescreamer, Modded DS-1, Line 6 DL-4, Eventide Space & H9, many other gtr pedals/FX

  • Ludwig 4 piece kit, DW Kit, Tase Kit, Multiple snares, cymbals. Djembe, percussion.

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